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BENEFITS (for Schools/Districts)


There simply is no other course that is this effective or this affordable to schools. Our already low consumer price is drastically discounted to all schools. We believe that a student’s zip code should not be a barrier to their future. For just a few dollars per student, a school can prepare all of their students for total ACT Success. Please contact us for specific pricing information.

Anywhere, Any Time

Schools can easily integrate ACT Success Online as part of the school day, offer it as its own semester long course, or provide individual access to students to work at their own pace, on their own schedule.

Today’s students demand flexibility. They want to learn on their terms, at their pace. ACT Success Online can be complete anywhere and at any time! High school students are known as “digital natives.” They spend most of their time on the internet, and they have mastered online learning. ACT Success Online provides today’s students with the flexibility they demand. Students can switch between sections easily, allowing them to work on any subject at any time, or they can complete the course from start to finish – assuring them of earning their Personal A+™.


Our history of success goes back twenty-five years! Our online program is rooted in our bestselling textbooks that have been used by tens of thousands of students across the globe. Each year, we update our teaching methods and content in order to reflect the most recent changes on the ACT exam.


Over the last twenty-five years, students who used the ACT Success program, whether individually or in a classroom setting, increased their overall composite score by three to five points, many improved even more! We are also proud to say that ACT Success produces dozens of perfect scores each year.


YOUR PERSONAL A+™ is more than a slogan; it’s one of the focal points of ACT Success! The reality is that less than 1% of students can earn a perfect score, so...........let’s stop trying to do the impossible. We believe that all students should strive for the very best score they can achieve. ACT Success asks students to set a goal for their Personal A+™. We encourage them to reach for at least five points higher in each section, and then we teach them how to achieve that goal!


ACT Success uses visual learning, auditory learning and kinetic learning to reinforce skills and strategies, so no matter how a student learns best, ACT Success Online has it covered! We include thousands of practice questions to build success.


Most colleges and universities offer financial assistance based on gpa and test scores. Less than 1% of all full-ride scholarships are athletic in nature. This means that 99% of scholarship money is awarded on test scores and grades. Every point higher on the ACT can translate into thousands of dollars saved. You don’t need a perfect score to win a financial award, you need Your Personal A+™!

Greater College Choices

When students score higher, their college choices increase dramatically. Higher scores open a world of possibilities.

Better than the Competition

Other online courses simply do not compare to ACT Success Online in effectiveness or affordability. School budgets are notoriously tight; we are here to help!