Jim Giovannini

Jim Giovannini has dedicated his thirty-year educational career to improving the lives of students. A former classroom teacher who became the founder of both ACT Success, Inc. and Academic Tutoring, LLC in Chicago, Mr. Giovannini established education companies that provide quality education and test prep while building students’ skills and self-esteem. Mr. Giovannini has co-written two bestselling ACT test prep tools for Barron’s Educational Series: Barron’s ACT Flash Cards and Barron’s 6 ACT Practice Tests. Through Academic Tutoring’s test prep program called ACT Success, Mr. Giovannini has helped build skills and raise scores for tens of thousands of students. The unmatched success of his ACT Success Test Prep materials led him to develop ACT Success Online ®, bringing highly affordable and highly effective digital ACT test prep to all students.

Mr. Giovannini has served on numerous boards and is the past president and past Executive Director of the Education Industry Association. He is also a motivational, entertaining, and engaging speaker. Whether delivering an ACT workshop to a large group of students or conducting Professional Developments for teachers and administrators, Mr. Giovannini is one of the most informative and dynamic speakers you’ll hear.

His company, ACT Success Inc., is a mission-driven organization dedicated to helping students prepare for the ACT and other standardized tests. Headquartered in Chicago, ACT Success, Inc. is a national leader in ACT test preparation, providing high-quality test prep materials and strategies built on nearly thirty years of research and experience. ACT Success, Inc. offers a suite of individually formulated test prep materials for students designed to prepare and empower them to succeed.